Partners for Madagascar (PFM), seeks to reverse the trend from exploiting developing nations to helping communities create effective partnerships that educate toward solving local problems and leading them to self-sufficiency.

We pursue our mission with a three-point focus:

"Child Rescues" in white font over a green-tinted photograph of a woman carrying a baby on her back through the forest
"Rural Communities" written in white font over a blue-tinted photograph of a Malagasy student looking up from a textbook
"Skills Training" in white font over an orange-tinted photograph of 3 Malagasy men farming

Why Madagascar?

PFM’s leadership has a composite work history of 40+ years living in rural Madagascar. We believe the answers to the country’s problems and injustices are not “food handouts” or resources alone. The real solution involves community level development and accountability.

Because of the difficulties of rural life (70% of the population), thousands of people are moving into urban areas. Most of those immigrants have no educational or technical skills for employment in the urban area. They face poverty, crime, prostitution, and child trafficking in their new, urban homes.Those who remain in rural Madagascar desperately need educational and economic opportunities, as well as basic food, clothing, and health needs, while working to overcome agricultural and environmental challenges.

Every contribution counts

PFM needs financial partners, both personal and corporate, who believe in its vision and mission. Your gifts, whatever the size, can make a huge difference in changing the lives of many people. DO NOT underestimate your impact. What you may think of as a small gift can make the difference in a Malagasy baby living, a child finishing school, or a young adult learning a life-sustaining skill.

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