Our Mission

Our Mission

“Go to the People, Live among them, Learn from them, Start with what they know, Build on what they have, But of the best of leaders, When the task is accomplished, Their work is done. The People all Remark, ’We have done it ourselves.'” — ancient Malagasy poem

Partners for Madagascar (PFM) is a non-profit organization based out of Florida, USA with a field office in Madagascar. This 501c3 began in 2005 and relies on financial donations of individuals and corporations to carry out its projects. PFM’s focus is helping the people of Madagascar build a sustainable livelihood to help themselves and their country.

We combine first-hand knowledge and onsite experience in Madagascar with an established network servicing humanitarian organizations assisting children, youth, and families at risk.

The future of PFM rests on our ability to be accountable to our resource partners–both those who help us financially, and those who implement our projects in the field.

The mission of PFM is to create self-sustaining models of development and projects that are:

  • Transferable – able to be locally owned and sustained by the people
  • Accountable – teach accountability of resources and emphasize the inter-connectedness of all resources
  • Measurable – there is a starting point and a closure point, and the project can be evaluated at any time as to its effectiveness