Become a Partner

Your gift, no matter how small, can change lives forever.

You can support our operation, projects, people, and capital needs by making a tax-deductible contribution using PayPal for credit or debit card donations.

You can make a tax-deductible telephone contribution by calling our Fort Walton Beach Office at 850-420-5898. We will need to take down all the information from our Donation Form.
To give by mail please print and complete the Donation Form and send it with your tax-deductible contribution to:
Partners for Madagascar
PO Box 1196
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32549

Kinds of Donations:

Operational Funds drive PFM and take care of administrative costs, like this website you’re reading and newsletters that provide updates on PFM’s progress and field work. To enable and empower PFM in this way, gifts should be marked “Operational Needs.”

PFM’s field projects are the most important part of PFM. They meet the people where they are. If you mark a gift for “Projects,” we will apply it to the most needy or the highest priority project(s).


PFM needs partners like you to sponsor one or more children for $25 a month per child. Lump sums go to pay for registration and fuel for our rescue boat, or towards our $30,000 goal to purchase boats and engines.

Rural Communities

$250 per month or $3,000 per year provides an entire elementary school in Fianarantsoa with hot lunches. Gifts towards our $2,500 lump sum goal build classrooms for children in Tulear.

Skills Training

The Fanantenana PFM Youth Training center here teaches computer skills and English as a second language. $353 per month or $4,235 a year is needed. For each session at the Tanjona Training Center, PFM gives 6 young people a way out of poverty and a skill for life. $748 per month or $8,969 a year is needed.
photo of university student at HECMMA

University Partnership

PFM supports the work of developing world higher-education by seeking financial help to provide for the infrastructure of HECMMA, a University in Madagascar. You can help by volunteering to teach, donating specific textbooks, or giving finances for supplies.